What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is simply the transmission of voice traffic over IP-based networks.

VoIP has become popular largely because of the cost advantages to consumers over traditional telephone networks. Most Americans pay a flat monthly fee for local telephone calls and a per-minute charge for long-distance calls. VoIP calls can be placed across the Internet. Most Internet connections are charged using a flat monthly fee structure.

Using the Internet connection for both data traffic and voice calls can allow consumers to get rid of one monthly payment. In addition, VoIP plans do not charge a per-minute fee for long distance.

What is home automation?

Home automation is the use of one or more computers to control basic home functions and features automatically and sometimes remotely. An automated home is commonly referred to as a smart home.

Home automation can include the scheduling and automatic operation of water sprinkling, heating and air conditioning, window coverings, security systems, lighting, and food preparation appliances. Home automation may also allow vital home functions to be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world using a computer or smartphone connected to the Internet. Besides the functions already mentioned, remote control can be extended to telephones and answering machines, fax machines, and other communications equipment, and home robots such as automatic vacuum cleaners.

What is a digital TV antenna?

A digital TV antenna is an excellent alternative to cable and satellite television and will allow you to use your existing TV to receive the updated digital programming. All of the digital TV antennas we sell and install are capable of receiving digital and HD signals, and depending on your home’s location and topography, can be installed either on your rooftop or hidden away in your attic.

What type of TV technology is best?

In the past few years, there have been tremendous leaps in TV technology. Twenty years ago, TV shoppers had very few choices. These days, several TV technologies are competing with one another. This makes TV shopping all the more difficult. Each TV type has strengths and limitations based on the technology being used. Deciding what type of TV is right for you starts with understanding the factors that affect a TVs performance.

At Innovative Sound Solutions, we analyze the room in which the TV will be located and do an in-depth analysis of your wants and needs before deciding which type of TV is best suited for your unique situation.

What is Surround Sound?

Surround sound is aptly named for surrounding the listener with an acoustic environment that goes beyond the two-channel stereo experience of the past. Today’s home theater systems place the viewer or listener inside a virtual landscape of sound.

In real life, we experience sound in the context of ambient noises. If someone is talking to us, we might also hear the faint drone of a jet far above, a schoolyard full of children nearby, birds in the trees, and a television blaring from the next room. These sounds are spread throughout the audible landscape. Surround sound faithfully recreates an entire landscape by sending the right sounds to the right places to simulate an experience closer to real life.

What components make up a home theater system?

A home theater system consists of a TV, a home theater receiver, a set of surround speakers (typically between five and seven), and a subwoofer. The receiver is the brains and muscle of the system, sending power and audio signals to each speaker, and video to your TV.

Satellite vs. Cable TV, which is better?

The debate between which service is better is more a matter of personal opinion and comes down to the individual. Both offer relatively same viewing experiences, channel options, and pricing. While similar, both options do have their own pros and cons.

At Innovative Sound Solutions, we will analyze your unique situation and recommend an option that best fits your viewing needs.

I recently set up my own home theater, but the picture and sound quality seem off?

Proper setup and calibration of your equipment is essential in maximizing both the viewing and listening experience of your home theater system. At Innovative Sound Solutions, we offer professional calibration of your audio and video equipment to ensure that your system is performing properly.

From acoustics to video quality, we will peform a series of tests to determine the proper setup and calibration of your home theater or surround sound system. If your system is underperforming, please contact us today at 616.866.9606.

My Receiver, Cable Box, Blue Ray Player, etc. Isn’t working

Try rebooting your equipment by turning off and unplugging from power source. Wait a few moments, then plug back in and power on.

I’m not seeing any picture on my TV?

Often times this is a simple fix. Check your HDMI cables and make sure the connection isn’t loose.