Loren Brown and the ISS team have given me great deals on several flat screen TV’s and completely took care of all the installs. The few cords are nicely hidden and everything works with one remote control. They look great and the cost beat out the big box stores, TALK TO LOREN!!
Aaron V.
Grand Rapids, MI
Our relationship with Loren all started when we had called several companies asking them to run Ethernet cable from one side of our house to the other and every company we called told us it cannot be done. We called Innovative Sound Solutions and they sent someone out to look at it and a few days later a couple guys came out and made it happen. Not only did they solve our problem but they did it without cutting up the drywall. Since that day we have used Innovative Sound to get high speed internet to our home, to setup a new entertainment center which runs our Big Screen TV, Dish, DVD player, VCR, CD Changer, Nintendo Wii, Stereo & Receiver all without any visible wires! We always call Loren Brown for all of our “High tech” needs and they always do excellent work. Thank You Innovative Sound Solutions.
Blaine & Mary K.
Rockford, MI
When my company moved to a new location, I called the local cable companies to setup our internet connection. Unfortunately, there was no availability nearby and they wanted a insane build out fee to bring internet to our location. Needless to say our internet options were very limited so I called Loren Brown to see if there was anything ISS could do. Loren sent someone out to do a site survey and unfortunately a wireless solution with the speeds that we needed were not an option. Most companies would have stopped there and wished us luck but not Loren, he wanted to help us solve our problem and he did just that. He walked me through how to call the cable companies and what to say in order for them to bring internet to the area at no cost to me. I did what he recommended and a few weeks later they started a build out and it did not cost me a penny. Loren Brown is a man of integrity and even though he could not service our needs he still solved the problem and because of that honesty I will continue to refer business to Innovative Sound Solutions at any opportunity. Thanks Loren.
Ryan D.
SLB Networks, LLC
We contacted Innovative Sound Solutions when we started our law firm. We had to be up and running within a few days in order to minimize our transition down time and enable us to be productive immediately. Loren and his team had our state of the art VOIP phone system and high speed internet installed and operational within a few days which was a major factor in enabling us to be profitable during our first month of operation. Their service and responsiveness have been exceptional.
Jason S. Schnelker, Esq.
Schnelker, Rassi & McConnell, PLC
When our company moved to a new location, we set up a T1 connection for the internet because a reliable internet connection was very important to our operations. It was dreadfully slow, and failed us nearly every day. After a thorough analysis, Loren was able to provide us with an extremely reliable wireless connection that brought everything up to speed and saved us almost half of what our former ISP would have charged. We are grateful for his expertise.
Mary S.
Guarantee System
I have a beautiful new 40” flat screen TV installed on the wall in my family room. The staff at Innovative Sound Solutions were very patient and helpful with answering all my questions about all sizes, pixels, prices, Hz, brackets and all the different options that are available. Over the course of 3 or 4 weeks, I was asking questions. They were always quick to respond to my numerous emails and phone calls and after I had a better understanding, I finally decided what I really wanted. They were very nice to work with and they were all so friendly. I would recommend Innovative Sound Solutions to anyone of my friends or family.
Dale Ann
Rockford, MI
We have used Innovative Sound Solutions for many things in our business along with my personal home. ISS wired our new office, set up our satellite radio and background music system, and mounted all of our TV’s around the office. Now our customers can listen to music and watch television while they wait. ISS has even come to our rescue in emergency type situations to fix our phone system and keep us up and running. Their staff always show up when they say they are going to and they always clean up before they leave. What can I say, they are simply wonderful.
Sandy S.
ChiroHealth Rockford